7 Steps to Financial Freedom


On my journey to financial freedom, i came across a book that assisted and guided me on how to become financially free.  But what is financial freedom?  Everyone has their own definition, however my simple definition is plainly knowing and understanding how and where you are spending your money and becoming financially intelligent.  In my quest to become financially intelligent, a book by Warren Ingram – Become you own Financial Advisor provided me with the most basic and easy steps to get me along the way.  With a few tweaks, i came up with a list of steps to get going … hope it helps start your journey.

So, what is your next step?

what is your next step?
  1.    Step 01:  Draw up a Financial Budget Plan
  2.    Step 02:  Download and Analysis your Bank Statement
  3.    Step 03:  Fix and monitor your credit records
  4.    Step 04:  Pay off your credit cards and store cards
  5.    Step 05:  Open Transmission or Savings Account
  6.    Step 06:  Save 3 – 6 months salary
  7.    Step 07:  Buy Book – Become your own Financial Advisor by Warren Ingram

Well, is this it?  Are we done, am i now financially free?  lol, no, the journey has just began and you have just started on your journey to financial freedom.  This is a journey that does not come to an end, its a continuous educational journey.  The more you learn, the more you know!  All the best on your road to financial freedom!!!

the journey continues …

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