Ditch the garage card [Tricks & Tips]


So you have a garage card for all your vehicle, petrol and toll gate charges.  Maybe it was a budgeting tool you are/were using in order to keep track of these expenses and separate them from your normal day to day expenses.  Good idea!  But your garage card is normally linked to your credit card, even though it can be linked to your transmission account or cheque account.  Also your garage card has transaction fees for any transaction.

So what must to can happen?  Ditch the garage card!  Its post 2012 now, credit cards can now purchase fuel at all garages and pay for any South Africa toll gate charges.  The absolute bonus is that the credit card has absolutely zero transaction fees!  No more carrying cash for your fuel and toll gates.

Toll Gate

How much do you spend on fuel per month?  Don’t know?  How about you use your credit card as a budgeting tool and use it only for vehicle expenses (service, fuel, toll gates).  This will also enable you to know and plan how much you spend on your vehicle per month … another trick to your financial arsenal bag of tricks.

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